Daktari Africa

Telemedicine for management of non-communicable diseases

2016/2017 cohort | Health Technologies
Daktari Africa provides easy, mobile access to medical care for everyone as a trusted partner. We connect people with medical needs to doctors and other clinicians with solutions by using a dependable, efficient, mobile platform. That way, patients on follow-up care, both urban and remote, and even some emergencies, can receive quick, quality, affordable medical help at the touch of a button. Our service-oriented website and mobile app enable clinical consultations and provide medical information to help you take better control of your health. Looking for a particular medical specialist but do not have his contact? Need a doctor from your medical insurance panel? Or perhaps you are travelling and need a doctor in the new County you are visiting. Then you have come to right place. This award-winning website was created with all these needs in mind. And moreā€¦ Daktari Africa was founded by an experienced medical specialist, with the assistance of world-class IT experts, who realized that Doctors and other clinicians can be made much more accessible using IT.
Daktari Africa is a beneficiary of National Innovation Awards


  Charles G Kamotho  

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