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KeNIA Unveils Kenya Innovation Week 2021 Report

Phyllis Mbiyu - Communications & Marketing | 03 March, 2022

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KeNIA CEO, Dr. Tonny Omwansa today launched the KIW 2021 report at the Nairobi Serena Hotel. The breakfast launch brought together key people that participated in the success of the 3-day event that took place at the Kenya School of Government last year.

During the launch, the track leaders of the four tracks; Dr. Tonny Omwansa- Commercialisation, Florence Kimata-Start Up Kenya, Phillip Thigo-Tech and 4th Industrial revolution and Sheena Raikundalia-Skills and Talents each gave highlights, outcomes and actions points they agreed to out of their interactions in their tracks.

The launch attended by key partners also saw KeNIA CEO officially announce the dates for the Kenya Innovation Week 2022. The event, set to take place from 8th to 10th November 2022 will be designed to take things a notch higher. Dr. Omwansa while addressing the stakeholders, assured that KIW 2022 will be 10-fold and will be bigger and not only in numbers but also in value.

Different stakeholders took to stage to acknowledge the growth of the innovation ecosystem and shared their hopes of a future where innovations could be the norm in Kenya.

 “Kenyans turned Covid -19 into an opportunity and we want to ensure similarly innovation becomes a lifestyle”

-Phillip Thigo, Thunderbird School of Management.

Along with the report, Dr. Omwansa also introduced KeNIA’s 10-year master plan. The master plan is intended to guide the consolidation of innovation system efforts. It will focus on the development of all the aspects of the innovation.

“Unless we define the destination with modest clarity and liaise our energies it is easy to lose our way, so the innovation master plan caters for this.”

-Dr. Tonny Omwansa

The KIW 2021 report that is downloadable here shares very detailed information of all the activities that took place during KIW 2021, the highlights, exhibitions and resolutions.