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Smart brooder: A digital mother hen

2019/2020 cohort | Agriculture
Arinifu is a technology company that aims to enhance farming in Kenya and Africa at large through technological innovation and making it accessible to both low and high-income farmers. To us, it’s all about solving interesting problems and delighting our customers. This is our guiding light. Our vision is to enhance farmer output by providing access to new, affordable and efficient technologies. We work with farmers to understand the challenges they face then tap into technology for solutions. At the end of it, we want them to receive better returns and ultimately better standards of life. Arinifu's pioneer product is the Smart Brooder. This is a revolutionary, farm assistance product that was inspired by the cry of farmers in bringing up chicks at the brooding stage where they are most susceptible to dying. It, therefore, aims to bring Peace of mind in raising Chicks to chicken at an affordable price, without compromising on quality. We believe that profits shouldn’t be unreliable due inefficient production systems. The Smart Brooder innovation enhances the entire brooding process by monitoring and controlling the brooding space while providing optimal growth conditions and using technology to convey recorded data. Our intention is to put wide smiles on all our farmers and some sweet profits in their pockets too. Farmers shouldn’t have to worry about waking up at night to check on chicks. They should be able to do this from their bed via their phone.
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  Kimani G Chege  

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  Meru University of Science and Technology