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Enhancing night driving visibility & providing fail -safe advance road warnings

2020/2021 cohort | Energy & Manufacturing

At a glance

The Infinity Studs is a Kenyan innovation designed and developed to improve night driving visibility while introducing the fail-safe advance road warning studs, thus reducing human error which in turn will reduce the rate of road accidents in Kenya and indeed the continent.

Background of the innovation

On 27th August 2006, a rainy night, my brother, Andrew Kanyi, 27 years old and a father of two little children, was involved in a fatal road accident. The traffic police informed us that many accidents occur at night due to poor visibility. The road engineers pointed out the many great challenges Kenya faces in improving night driving visibility. Our quest to resolve these challenges then begun.

According to government authorities, e.g. NTSA & Kenya Traffic Police:

a) Over 80% of the road accidents occur at night.

b) Human error accounts for 95% of the road accidents.

c) Road accidents cost the country over Ksh 350 billion (£ 2.3 billion) per year.

It is clear that in Kenya, urgent interventions are required to reduce human error, especially at night. The main difference of driving during the day and at night is visibility. It is therefore critical to improve night driving visibility. There are two ways of improving night driving visibility; either using streetlights or road studs. Unfortunately, streetlights are vandalised while imported road studs don’t perform well on Kenyan roads. This has resulted in poor night driving visibility on most of the roads in Kenya. When you cannot see well, you are prone to make mistakes (errors) sometimes resulting in accidents, some fatal. It is therefore of paramount importance to get a practical & guaranteed solution suitable to our needs.

The solution!

The Kenyan-made Infinity Road Studs were designed and developed for use on our roads and the harsh African terrain. In addition, they will introduce the advance road warning studs to the road users.

When tested by the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Kenyan-made Infinity Studs scored an average of 96% after 400 days on the road. Pass mark was 90% after 365 days (1 year). Imported studs hardly score 30% after 90 days. Therefore, the Infinity Studs provide an excellent opportunity for Kenya and Africa by:

1) Effectively and efficiently improving road safety at night by enhancing night driving visibility. This will reduce human error thus significantly reduce road accidents.

2) We can now introduce the Advance Road Warning Studs to the African road users. This will help prevent motorists from hitting bumps, driving unexpectedly into junctions, bridges, sharp bends etc. further reducing road accidents.

3) Using the Infinity studs will introduce a completely new manufacturing industry in Kenya. This will create more jobs for Kenyans, more revenue for the government etc. as we support the Buy Kenya Build Kenya and the Manufacturing aspect of the Big-4 Agenda.

It is worth noting that reducing road accidents by 1% annually is equivalent to saving KES 3.5 billion ($ 32 million), not to mention the lives saved, the life-crippling situations or spinal injuries avoided, while at the same time greatly reducing the stress associated with driving at night, especially when raining etc. We anticipate a reduction of road accidents by 30% or more, resulting in saving Kenya over KES 100 billion ($ 910 million) per year. However, the actual extend of this will only be known by using the Infinity Studs.

To add extra value to the road users in Kenya, we highly recommend that the road studs be installed on a performance maintenance basis, under Specialised Contracting. This will ensure that it will be safe to travel every single night of the year, whether raining or not.

Our roads can look like this when driving at night, even when raining! This will greatly help in reducing human error therefore reduce road traffic crashes.

We hope that the LIF7 programme presents, for Kenya and Africa, a most beautiful and unique opportunity to make driving at night, even when raining, not only safe, but enjoyable too!

Green Pencils Limited: Infinity Studs is a beneficiary of Leaders in Innovation Fellowship


  Antony Kirori  

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