Mega Gas

Plastic waste to clean and affordable cooking gas

2018/2019 cohort | Environment, Water & Sanitation
People all over the world use fuels everyday to survive and move. Traditional forms of fuels comprise Biomass and Fossil fuels. These fuels forms have been over strained beyond limits, exploitation of biomass fuels have degraded Eco system. This leads to global warming and hence introducing new clean fuels into use to replace dependence on traditional fuels with the hope of reducing global warming and improving health of majority of population who have no access to fuels. The use of biomass fuels leads to indoor pollution that kills over four million annually according to World Health Organization. Plastic waste is also a big menace world wide, even now we have the island of plastic in the pacific ocean. At our company, Mega Gas we refine unsorted polythene/plastic waste through a clean process with no emissions, no residue and no pollution to the environment. We harvest gaseous fuel for cooking, which we fill in ordinary gas cylinders and sell to our clients.
Mega Gas is a beneficiary of Leaders in Innovation Fellowship


  Peter M Njeri  

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  Institute of Primate Research