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Decentralizing fertilizer production

2018/2019 cohort | Agriculture
We use technology to downsize and decentralize fertilizer production, making it feasible to implement on a village-level basis using locally available resources and labor. This reduces the logistical cost and produces a high-quality product that, at the same price as conventional fertilizers, can improve farmers’ yields by up to 30%. Safi Sarvi(R) is our carbon-negative, locally-produced fertilizer blend increases a farmer’s yields while reducing soil acidity. Our product has been shown to be suitable for a variety of agriculture and horticulture including: maize, rice, wheat, beans, peas, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and grasses. The value to farmers whose soil is acidified is that they will see a liming effect from our fertilizer, restoring their soil pH while reducing plant toxicity. This promotes beneficial microbial life and improved nutrient and moisture retention in the soil. At the same price as conventional fertilizers, our product delivers an improved yield of as high as 30%.
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