KeNIA holds second Technology Transfer and IP Commercialization training.

Lawrence Otieno - Communications & Marketing | 04 October, 2021

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Kenya National Innovation Agency has today, October 4, 2021, commenced a second training on Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Intellectual Property.

The three-day workshop at Machakos University has attracted participants from Government Agencies, research institutions, TVETs, Universities, Research Hospitals, and consulting firms across the country.

Under the umbrella of KeNIA Innovation Academy, the program aims to build innovative capacities of interested individuals and support the integration of innovative practices into institutions.

The agency is targeting to build an integrated community of passionate individuals interested in developing innovative and actionable solutions to existing challenges that would transform their organizations; and prepare to challenge the status quo and deliver new disruptive policies, products, services, and processes.

When officially opening the three-day workshop, the agency’s CEO Dr. Tonny Omwansa challenged the delegates to shift their focus from research to commercialization.  “We have for a very long time focused on Research, the narrative and talk should now shift to Commercialization,” said Omwansa.

The training encompasses Technology Transfer, Technology licensing and commercialization, technology valuation and marketing, selecting and assessing technology for commercialization, and strategic partnering.  

Many Government agencies, institutions of higher learning, and Research institutes in Kenya have been struggling with how to create economic value from their research outputs. 

The agency aims to bridge the gap and will deliver more relevant training aimed at spurring innovation and commercialization of research in Kenya, and targets to expose principles and practices of Commercialization to over 300 delegates by the end of the year 2021.