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Enhancing the
National Innovation System

Dr. Robert Karanja, Board Member - KeNIA & Co-founder - Villgro Africa awarding KIW's Startup Mentor of the Year, Eric Nyamwaro
Working with partners, KeNIA strengthens interrelationships between actors in order to promote innovation and enterprise development out of research and ideas.

From supporting the identification, recording and protection of innovative ideas to coordinating the establishment and implementation of appropriate policies, standards, processes, infrastructure, and partnerships to nurture the innovative ideas. The agency also works with partners to ensure appropriate prioritisation, relevant capacity development, innovation recognition and publication of the same.

How we Fund Innovators

Through the
Presidential Innovation

04 Steps

01. Call for Submissions
KeNIA has a yearly call for submissions for innovations fitting given criteria.
Application Period Closed
02. Shortlisting & Selection
Nominated innovations and agencies are judged and vetted by a pool of experts sourced by the Agency.
03. Dissemination of Awards
The selected innovations are informed and awarded through their verified institutions.
04. Monitoring & Reporting
The awarded innovations periodically report back to the Agency on the progress and consumption of the award (if monetary).
Capacity Building

Capacity Building
in Institutions of Higher Learning

Institutional Support
Optimize university and research organization systems for successful research output commercialization
R2C Accelerator
Preps researchers & innovators to transition their research output to commercial value
CEIL Summit
CEIL Summit
Advancing the national commercialisation infrastructure

What our Beneficiaries say

The partnership between KeNIA and the Royal Academy was our biggest gain.
We learnt Intellectual Property, negotiation, customer centric products, product development, and commercialization ... Interacting with career mentors and international subject matter experts really opened our eyes and shaped our thinking.
Eric Murithi
Upesy World Limited
The Leaders in Innovation Fellowship programme was an eye opening experience
It taught us about how we can rethink our business, how to grow the market, how we can think about our value proposition, how to price our product and also how to negotiate with investors and partners.
Edwin Mugendi
Sapama Technologies
The 800K I received from KeNIA has completely transformed my business
It helped me build on my prototype and secure a base where I could now start supporting my business. I feel the 800K was a great foundation because within less than one year, we've moved from a prototype to a business with two workshops.
Jamleck Kabuba
Ananki Visviva