Institutional Commercialisation Support

The Kenya National Innovation Agency in collaboration with the African Centre for Technology Studies and through the support of UKAid's Africa Technology and Innovation Partnership Program launched an initiative called - Institutional Commercialisation Support. The overall objective of this initiative is to work with interested universities and research organisations to strengthen and streamline their systems and processes towards successful commercialisation of their research outputs
What We Do


Review of current or existing technology transfer offices
Development and review of institutional policies and strategies
Facilitate research to commercialisation and industry linkage

Cohort 1

How We Do

IS Journey

  • November 2022

    Expression of Interest
    A request of Expression of Interest for Institutional Commercialisation Support was made in November 2022 to Universities and Research Centres. Submissions were received and 5 Institutions were selected to participate in the program. The 5 institutions then nominated technical officers to take part in the program.
  • December 2022
    Introduction Meeting at KIW
    An initial meeting was held during the Kenya Innovation Week held in December 2022 where the selected technical officers were introduced to the goals, strategy, and importance of the program.
  • January 2023
    Drafting Institutional Workplans
    Thereafter, a workshop was held in Naivasha in January 2023 where the selected technical officers were assisted to draft individual institutional workplans to implement the program.
  • 2023
    Implementation of Institutional Workplans
    Currently KeNIA, ACTS, and the UKaid’s ATIP are carrying out institution visits to gauge the implementation workplans and review the progress and challenges experienced in implementing the IS individual institution workplans.

IS Partners